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Name:Sylvia June Baines
Birthdate:Sep 7
[Name] Sylvia Baines
[Age] 20
[Occupation] Art Major/Death in Training.
[History] Sylvia Baines grew up in a very pleasant log cabin in Vermont with her father, fantasy author, Jason Baines. Sylvia's mother ran off with some ass down the road so Sylvia doesn't know anything about her. Her father never remarried, instead taking time to focus on his only child and her...peculiarities.

Peculiarities being her ability to see and communicate with dead people. And Death himself. At first attributing it to an overactive imagination, Sylvia proved her father wrong by one day telling him all about something her long-dead grandmother once did for him when he was seven. And instead of freaking out and trying to quash the ability, Sylvia's father supported her and did what he could to help her learn about it more.

(more to come as verse details are hashed out)
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